Impressions Dior


Musée Christian Dior

4 May–22 September 2013

Mounted in Villa Les Rhumbs in Granville, where Christian Dior spent his childhood, the exhibition will attempt to show how this couturier's designs were partially linked to the Impressionist movement. It will exhibit some of Christian Dior's creations and photographs of his garden, revealing the extent to which Dior was aware of the natural environment and the themes of light and reflections, just as the Impressionist painters had been. The creations of the Maison Dior since 1957, the year of its founder's death, demonstrate that this sensibility was also shared by his successors, from Yves Saint Laurent to Raf Simons.

Curators: Florence Müller, Brigitte Richart

Brigitte Richart, 

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Musée d'art moderne Richard Anacréon et Musée Christian Dior


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MISS DIOR gown, on show at the exhibition ‘Impressions Dior’ at the Christian Dior Museum.
© Jean-Marc Tingaud